Pinky Plates are a series of exercises whose purpose is to promote clear communication, orderly hand work, the understanding of abstract visual concepts and the ability to follow direction. Pinky Plate 1 A Front Panel Format White Mayfair __or any similar card stock__cut to 11"x15" Reproduce the title and the text of this assignment using your own hand lettering. Represent the concept presented in the text with a photo. You may use two photos but not more than two. Online image sources are fine as long as they are cited as directed. All work must be black and white or grey scale. Simple clear layouts are best. Do not lay text over the image. The photo you chose is very important, take time to find an exceptional image. Refer to the provided tutorials for help with hand lettering. Lettering will be all caps. Competence with lettering will require practice and planning to deliver a suitable final project. When hand lettering guidelines should be drawn with a light 2h pencil and lettering finished with a thin black gel pen, guidelines are then erased. Practice and test in order not to mar your final. Your name must be hand lettered on the back of the pinky plate. All images need to be sourced and cited MLA style on the back panel. Exception: Due to the length of citation URLs photo citations may be printed via computer and pasted at the bottom of the back panel. Title Design is Everywhere Text It is easy to get into the habit of looking at things without really seeing them. We think we know what a leaf looks like. We have seen millions of them. Yet upon close inspection we find unexpected structural patterns of great beauty. A cloud, a thumb print, the surface of the sea, each has its own special character. B Back Panel Read the provided excerpts from Susan Sontag's On Photography and hand print any 100-150 words of that text.